Islamic Teaching and Halal Tourism Development in Lombok: Perspectives of General Hotel Managers

  • Abdul Quddus Universitas Islam Negeri Mataram, Indonesia
  • Muharis SMAS Model Nurul Jannah, Indonesia
  • Hasan Basri Universitas Hamzanwadi, Indonesia
  • Lalu Muhammad Ariadi Institut Agama Islam Hamzanwadi, Indonesia
Keywords: Islamic Teaching, Halal Tourism, General Hotel Manager


This study investigates the three fundamental stages of the issue of halal tourism in Lombok. With google form questionnaire, this qualitative study elaborates the perception among general hotel managers emphasizing the principle of halal in every aspect of tourism enterprises, including all related facets (halal products, halal lifestyle, convenience to halal values, facilities with halal principles, service with halal principles, and subsequent activities as attractions following Islamic teachings). Furthermore, research samples were sixteen general managers fulfilling the questionnaire. The findings indicate comprehensive knowledge of the general managers' understanding within halal tourism conception in the good category. The opportunities and challenges of expanding halal tourism in Lombok are encountered with creative commerce that is not yet optimized. Attractions such as mosques and natural features have not been appropriately packaged, and human resources must be progressively extended practice. In the meantime, debates in perception and lack of literacy (education) about this conception are incorporated as challenges and opportunities for future halal tourism development.

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Quddus, A., Muharis, Basri, H., & Ariadi, L. M. (2022). Islamic Teaching and Halal Tourism Development in Lombok: Perspectives of General Hotel Managers. Dialogos, 26(1), 297-307.