International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Activities

  • Mohammed Ahmed Eisa Assistant Professor of Public International Law, College of Science and Humanities, Al-Ghat "Majmaah University", Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Keywords: International Liability, Damage, Space Activities.


Progress and technological development had led to new concepts. Perhaps the most important of those concepts was the topic of international responsibility for harm caused to states by other countries' space activities. The traditional concept of responsibility could no longer be adapted to the effects and damage caused by the modern scientific revolution. The 1967 Space Treaty provided in article VI for the "responsibility of States and international organizations for their space activities in outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies", whether initiated by governmental or non-governmental entities. Since the principle of responsibility was generally enshrined in the 1967 Space Treaty, the General Assembly of the United Nations had to expedite the adoption of the 1972 Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects. In view of international agreements within the purview of space law, the basis for international responsibility and, in particular, fault-based responsibility can be inferred on the basis of risk.

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